• Theatrical &
    Non-Theatrical Booking

    We book runs in traditional theaters, but we also have an extensive network of museums, libraries, film societies, and universities. We report grosses and collect payment on your behalf.

  • Budgeting

    Creating a workable, recoupable budget is an essential part of a successful theatrical release. We have great relationships with vendors and can create a budget that serves your film well and keeps your wallet happy.

  • Exhibitor Relations

    Long Shot Factory can handle your print traffic and material shipping. We can also create your desired in-theater presence and liaise with exhibitors for special events.

  • Film Festival Strategy
    & Festival Publicity

    We’re big believers in film festivals and the benefits they bring to theatrical releases. We specialize in creating festival strategies that maximize your film’s exposure and word-of-mouth, without sacrificing box office. We also handle film festival publicity to make sure your film is getting the correct exposure and positioning.

  • Creative Services

    Long Shot Factory offers creative consulting on traditional and non-traditional marketing needs, including poster, trailer, web site, advertising, promo items, etc.

  • Manage
    National Publicity &
    Advertising Campaigns

    We manage publicity campaigns to make sure you’re getting the most out of the hired publicists—and that no stone is left unturned. We help develop pitches, and we coordinate closely between your New York, Los Angeles, regional, and online publicists so that everyone is working in tandem. We create effective, targeted ad campaigns combining a mix of print, radio, and online outlets.

  • Regional Publicity

    Long Shot Factory has years of experience in regional publicity, so we can handle all regional publicity in-house.

  • Grassroots

    All of our films are supported through extensive grassroots outreach that doesn’t stop at just the New York or Los Angeles opening.

  • Academy Campaigns

    Long Shot Factory also has expertise in managing Academy campaigns for documentary films, including qualifying the film and, upon short-listing and/or nomination, overseeing all aspects of the process leading up to the Academy Awards.

  • Premieres &
    Special Events

    We’ve planned and executed more film premieres and special events than you can count. We specialize in finding the partnerships and sponsorships necessary to throw great events on tight budgets.

  • Institutional Campaigns*

    Long Shot can plan, implement, and run institutional/educational sales of your film.

    *additional fee